The Bliss, Joy and Struggle of Our Cosmic Mission

I’m feeling myself go deeper in experientially getting the truth of the Trans-Himalayan teachings that humanity and earth life is operating on a lower frequency of vibration – the lowest frequency of vibration – than the rest of the abundant life in the galaxy.

That this is the case because we are part of a cosmic mission and adventure – as a single cosmic life transmission – to take the realisation of divinity to a level of material density deeper than that that is common in the galaxy.

That because we are incarnated in this level of density – the physical plane matter particularly – and because this matter has not yet been raised in its vibration high enough to resonate with the subtle planes – etheric, astral, mental… - we seem cut off, disconnected and alone.

That this is the case in terms of our own humanity family on earth, such as feeling disconnected from our friends, lovers and family who are not in physical incarnation – those who are on the other side of the veil, separated from us by the great wall of death – as much as it is for the communities and civilisations of lives coming from beyond the earth.

They all reside in a higher frequency of vibration in planes composed of subtle energy and matter, and so are invisible to our senses that can only respond to the physical matter of our world.

I notice in myself a feeling of being alone, disconnected and cut off from help, support, community, love, and abundant divinity.

I also remember how the PhD project at university I nearly entered into was going to be taking meditation into prisons to try to raise the quality of life among prisoners, and get what Bruce said about how that impulse was actually a reflection of the journey we have already made – cosmic life descending into hell to liberate the lives locked in here – the “prisoners of the planet” as they are described in the teachings.

I notice in me a deep respect for those indigenous, shamanic traditions and cultures that have stayed with the earth, and have shared whole pathways about how to live with the natural, physical realm in a way that honours its own form of the divine.

And I also feel deep gratitude for those pathways and traditions that have helped us remember who we are as the infinite One, whatever happens on earth, and our cosmic origin.

I acknowledge that as disconnected and separated from these realities as our culture feels today, that a long way back in the past, it can be clearly seen that there were ancient cultures, traditions and mystery schools that held these mysteries.

I recall the pyramid shafts of Ancient Egypt aligned with particular constellations. I recall the place of Sirius in so many of the ancient traditions, pointed to as a source of our mysteries of initiation, and the numerous descriptions in the ancient sacred texts of how long ago, our connection to the cosmos was much more obvious.

I feel into my awareness that these mystery schools are starting to re-emerge...

As much as I feel disconnected, depressed, alone and cut off now, I can also feel the part of me that would absolutely choose this mission – this wild ride of purpose. This is the part that would absolutely choose to take on such a wild, risky cosmic adventure, simply for the rush and exhilaration of it. I know and remember this part of me that said yes to this prior to birth.

Having said yes to this, and therefore having said yes to leaving behind (at least temporarily) the abundant life, consciousness and connection to divinity on the higher frequency subtle planes, my attention turns to my own physical body and the material world around me.

I acknowledge that this is what we came for – that this matter and its mysteries is the reason we are here.

Accepting my and our cosmic isolation, I look upon my own body with eyes of love and appreciation. I let go of preoccupations with outer achievements and accomplishments, realising that just here, just in this very connection with my body, the whole mystery and purpose of why we are here lives.

As I do this, with time, I feel something in my body start to activate and open. Energy starts to flow through my system, and there are also deep waves of grief that start to rise. These flow with inwardly seen images rising in my awareness where my body cries out its suffering in having been unrecognised for so long. I also start to experience it shaking itself energetically, with the sense that now as my presence is here, it has the ability to shake off old, stuck vibrations, like an animal shaking off water from its fur.

As my presence, love and awareness stay with my body, it continues to open up energetically. My presence waits at the gate of my body, in reverence, like a lingam waiting at the opening of a yoni, refusing to enter until called and enveloped in. Then that opening comes...

I feel my cells open and bright, intense vibrations of aliveness and joy start to emanate through my field. As my presence enters and drops down through my body, fountains of life and energy start to snake up from my base, obvious in their divinity – obvious in the reality that this is God. I cannot help a smile appearing on my face as I am pulled into the bliss and joy of the abundance of matter.

As my soul lands in my body more and more deeply, the Life force of pure spirit comes online through my heart-space – the lightning of dark light - a shaft of pure, empty, electric, silent being. It is clear that this is the source of what I am. Cosmically I know that this depth of my being connects me to the primordially dark source of all life on earth – the supermassive black hole at the galactic centre.

I know this darkness. It is a well-known aspect of my being. And yet now, with my body vibrating and resonating with its own expression of divinity, this lightning of the dark light that I am in spirit is thundering through the sheer abundance and beauty of matter – through lush green forests and jungles as much as sheer deserts; through vast oceans and beaches, cities, and the cells, molecules and atoms that compose it all.

As the fountains of joy and bliss snake up from my base, they integrate with my consciousness and slowly, the walls separating this physical realm from the subtler planes start to dissolve. Matter, subtle energy, consciousness, life-force, soul, spirit, darkness, light, bliss, love and beauty all start to interpenetrate each other.

God is here. Goddess is singing. I know this is the beginning of what we are here for. I don’t know what comes next….

Jon Darrall-Rew