Sexual Wholeness and the Life-force in matter

As the soul journeys deeper into the trunk of the body, it first clears the issues at the solar plexus around healthy personal power, appropriately standing for oneself, and being able to hold presence, self-connection, vulnerability and humility at the same time.

As the soul descends into the sacral centre, we start to work with issues around intimacy, sexuality, desire, relating, attachment, territory, control, greed and deeper issues around power. As we meet what we find here, we work with our patterns of behaviour and make changes to bring how we relate to sexuality, intimacy and relating into alignment with our soul and love, whatever that means for us in our current phase of growth. For some that might involve exploring more open approaches to sexuality. For some it might mean monogamy or periods of celibacy.

Something I want to focus on in this article is that as the soul descends through these lower layers and resolves the patterns found there that are out of alignment with love and consciousness, it then starts to contact the life-force of spirit in matter – in the body.

Spirit is the Life-force of the One, and in the human being it resides as the indestructible essence of pure being anchored in the heart, as well as the will-to-love at the core of the soul and the will-to-live in the base chakra of the body.  This last aspect of spirit in the base chakra is what is commonly called kundalini.

Kundalini is the life-force of spirit residing in the base chakra of the body. Here, as long as it is unawakened, it resides as the survival drives that come online when those or we we love are threatened. It is the energy that can allow a mother to lift a car off her child, or when awakened and integrated with our souls and essence, what allows us to ground our full power, heart and presence on Earth.

When this energy expresses through the sacral chakra it takes the form of sexual energy. Sexual energy is that expression of the life-force in matter where the non-dual fire has become magnetised to flow between the masculine and feminine principles of our own being, and with in others.

When the soul contacts sexual energy directly, it realises it as a divine expression of the One’s own making love with itself, through all creation. It sees that sexual energy can be differentiated from the act of sex, and that surrendering into one’s own sexual energy can open a portal to profound communion with the One. In this realisation, the utter divinity, sacredness, wild pleasure, and perfection of the eternal embrace between the masculine and feminine principles of Reality is known as the heartbeat of all creation. It is realised that we can live in this pleasure, making love continually with all existence, whether we are engaging in actual sex with other people or not.

This radically transforms our relationship to sex. Rather than it being about the trade and exchange of what helps us feel safe, powerful, connected or complete, our connection to our sexual energy is realised as an eternally flowing river of serpentine life in which we are orgasmically connected with the whole universe. The soul dissolves into the flow of universal sexuality, and dives deeper and deeper into the mysteries of polarity.  

When we do this, and our sexual pleasure and satisfaction stops being about how and whether we have sex with others, we become a lot more discerning about how and who we have sex, so as to ensure, as our heart demands from this point forward, that we bring the whole of our sexuality into harmony with its true sacredness.

This is the doorway to sexual wholeness, where our sexuality stops being primarily about who we are relating with and is recognised as the material pole of the life-force of spirit in the universe. From here, our sexuality starts being a continuous, orgasmic, inner erotic prayer that our soul is engaged in as it vibrates and makes love with and through everything. From this place, if we choose to engage sexually with our body or another person, rather than sex being something in which we are seeking wholeness, it becomes an overflowing of the soul’s pleasure in the cosmic union of the masculine and feminine principles of life.

Jon Darrall-Rew