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True Power Annual advanced leadership retreat

True Power is an annual advanced leadership retreat held in Egypt in December. For more information, read below.



It’s game on. Humanity stands today in the fire of a major ecological crisis that can also be an initiation into what it means to emerge as a globally integrated species living in harmony with each other and the earth. This annual event is dedicated to supporting the emergence of the leaders that humanity needs to make this transition. It is open to established and emerging leaders. This includes those who hold formal positions of leadership and others leading from the edge of their own self-initiated contribution to the world.


We see leadership as a state of being rather than only a formal position. Leadership is sharing your power, heart and creativity from a place that is 'in charge' with the current of Spirit.

So, this event is for anyone who is holding or moving into holding a point of leadership. That could be people in an established organisation or people who are breaking out on their own, bringing their gifts to the world.

If you are stepping up, or already have, to take responsibility the healing, evolution and awakening of humanity and the earth, and you're up for learning to go deeper in doing that from a place of radical aliveness, this event is for you.


In science, the word “leader” is deeply tied to how lightning is produced. In meteorology, a leader is a stream of plasma that channels lightning.

Leadership and lightning share something in common: Both channel power.

In today’s world, power is very much in humanity’s shadow. Our political, economic and social systems demonstrate so many examples of power – individual, national and global – operating in corrupt, self-centred, and exploitative ways.

Some hoard power. Some fight to take it back. Some use intellectual, emotional or physical violence to keep it. Some dissociate and make power itself bad. The majority just become deeply disconnected and apathetic.

All of this comes from our disconnection from True Power – the essential power at our core.

These annual events are dedicated to supporting the emergence of leaders connected to True Power.


True Power is the life-force of Spirit alive in our hearts, bodies and souls. While conventional power is treated like a currency that some have and some don’t, True Power operates like a current of electricity or lightning - a nuclear source of Life that is impregnated with the ecstatic Purpose, Love and Creativity of the One.

While conventional power often is based on what an individual knows or can do, True Power is an expression of Being.

The secret of True Power is sacrifice. Those who lead from True Power embody the highest expression of servant leadership, which is the willingness to take our stand in love and service, offer our very identity up on the sacrificial altar of the One, and let our hearts be penetrated and opened by the power of Spirit.


The models of power that characterized the last 2000 years, and that began in Ancient Egypt, have been solar. Leaders in the solar model are like suns whose vision is like light, illuminating the way forward for those around them.

The solar cosmology of Ancient Egypt played a huge role in catalysing a global solar culture in the thousands of years since. Just as they put the Sun at the centre of their world, embodied by their leader on earth – the pharaoh – so have all our systems of politics, religion, education and others been structured around a single individual, often a man, who leads the way.

As noble as their expressions may sometimes be, these solar models have always been rooted in conflict - the conflict of light and dark, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, mind and body...

The coming models of leadership will no longer be solar - based on the light of the mind or soul. They will be based on darkness - the darkness of pure spirit that transcends and generates all polarity.

Spirit is the indestructible essence of our being that transcends and vibrates at the core of the soul and the body, masculine and feminine, consciousness and matter. When leadership comes from here, the conflicts between these aspects, within and between us, are resolved and the polarities of life - masculine and feminine, soul and body - start to generate energy rather than dissipate it in conflict.

The outer symbol for Spirit is the black hole at the galactic centre, which simply through the presence of its dark silent being has enough power to hold a field for a hundred billion suns to be born, shine and die.

While the conventional power of solar leadership is based on knowing and doing, the True Power that is the charge of spirit flows from Being.


To live and lead from True Power stably requires a high level of personal integration and development. It requires the ‘making whole’ of our being – mind and body, masculine and feminine, consciousness and matter, soul and animal – as well as being attuned and aware about the needs of the people and organisation(s) we are leading. It means we are living from the electric current of divine purpose as it vibrates through our being.

Such leaders are on fire with awakeness and presence, grounded in the body, connected to their emotions, and anchored in the heart. They are surrendered to what it means to live as love, and can embrace whatever challenges arise as opportunities to deepen connection, intimacy, attunement and communion with others. They are ready to penetrate the world with their mission, which is sourced in their connection to planetary Purpose and guided by Life. They inspire others to join them as open-hearted warriors of soul. And they welcome and integrate the energies of our bodies and emotions – our vulnerability, needs, rage, grief, joy, play and laughter – as sacred aspects of our humanity that can reveal the sacred that is always here, alive between and within us. When leaders are coming from True Power, those around them are automatically empowered in their own purpose, soul-opening, heart-ignition, development and creativity.

Our approach to activating True Power in people is to work with the different polarities of their being - soul and body, masculine and feminine, light and dark. We work with a model developed by Bruce Lyon we call the Cross, which includes:

• The Light Masculine: The fire of awakeness and pure purpose
• The Light Feminine: The capacity to live as love and embrace everything
• The Dark Masculine: Slicing clarity, warriorship and penetrative presence
• The Dark Feminine: The life force of your pleasure, body, erotic wisdom and naked authenticity

We work with these as the foundation of our work because they provide the most integrated, holistic, fast and deep path we know to Soul Awakening and the bringing the power of Spirit online through your heart to electrify your Life.

Understanding power in this way radically changes the way we relate to leadership. Rather than only being based in a position of formal authority, leadership becomes a state of being. Rather than being the domain of the masculine, leadership becomes about the expression of Life that can move through a truly integrated human being. Leaders are those who are ‘in charge’ as the current of True Power moves through them, and leadership is no longer limited to individuals but whole groups can participate in it simultaneously. Then, power can be shared in a way that isn’t based on competition or hoarding, but rather the coherence that comes from each individual being plugged into the source of True Power.

In the intensity of the current global crisis, light and love are not enough. What is also needed is power, and the emergence of leaders in multiple fields who can catalyse humanity’s evolution, healing and awakening to its collective purpose.

This annual event is dedicated to this emergence.


One aspect of the collective awakening starting on the planet today is the return of the ancient mystery schools. In ancient cultures, from Ancient Egypt to the British Isles to Vedic India and the Himalayas, to South America, Chaldea, Sumeria, Ancient Greece, Babylon and others, there were esoteric traditions of initiation that guided men and women to awaken as souls, then to awaken as the One, and then to embody that as leaders of our collective evolution.

One of the most profound, which still stirs awe in the collective psyche of humanity, is the Egyptian Mystery School.

The initiates of Ancient Egypt awakened to True Power through a series of profound rituals and initiations. These lead through the soul's symbolic death and resurrection, its coronation as king or queen, its penetration into the divine power and purpose of heaven and the Void beyond it, and the integration of the primal energies of the body. Passing through these initiations fitted one to be able to lead, in whichever field one was called to. Sacred symbols of these initiations remain with us today and inspire our fascination with the pyramids, the sarcophagus, hieroglyphics, the gods and goddesses, and their ancient temples.

Our event will resurrect these rituals of initiation, and will seek to update them to catalyse the emergence of radically alive, empowered, purposeful, heart-connected and embodied beings who can lead the shift our planet is currently calling for, and be leaders in our global initiation.





- Transmissions, rituals, meditations and interactive practices focussed on activating True Power
- Transmissions, rituals, meditations and interactive practices focussing on activating each person's fullest leadership
- Practices and teachings to access and integrate the different polarities of our being - masculine and feminine, soul and body - and then work with these polarities to generate power
- Pilgrimages to the Ancient Temple sites of Luxor and Abydos
- A vision quest into the desert to meet the power of Spirit
- Collective circles focussed on building and activating a reservoir of True Power as a group
- Shadow-work focussed on revealing, harnessing the power and releasing the shadows that prevent our access to the power of who we are
- Teachings and practices focussed on the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School, its initiations, and a focus on seeding its re-emergence


Early bird price - before September 21: €1200
Regular price - after September 21: €1400

This includes:

* Accommodation starting December 15 and checking out on December 21;

* All meals starting with dinner on December 15, and ending with lunch on December 21 (meals are vegetarian, and vegan friendly. All efforts will be made to accommodate additional dietary requirements);

* All excursions (transportation, guides, entrance fees, etc, to the desert and the Temples);

* Free pick up and drop off service between Luxor airport, bus or train station, and the venue.


The venue: Embrace Hotel, Luxor

We begin on December 15 at 14hrs. Please be sure to make travel arrangements to arrive to Luxor in the morning. We conclude with lunch on the 21st.


Jon Darrall-Rew: Jon’s passion is to live and share in the wild power of spirit through soul and body. He co-leads Shamballa School, an international spiritual community focussed on authentic power and awakening to the life-force of spirit. Between 2016-2018 he worked as European Director of the Global Purpose Movement, and in 2014, he co-founded Synergy Forum. Between 2012-2015 he worked as part of the leadership team of a project based in Interlaken, Switzerland, exploring how a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening might inform globally cooperative efforts toward the evolution of human civilisation. He is a leadership consultant and has a degree in psychology. Jon has been a close student of Bruce Lyon's for the last 8 years and leads retreats, online courses, men's groups, temples and practice groups globally and in his hometown of Berlin. To learn more about his work see:

Taki'h Dhyandeepa Antigoni: Taki’h is a Tantrica, a therapist, a woman, an activated soul, an international teacher and a student of life & essence. She is one of the most authentic & integrated teachers today following embodiment and truth as her uncompromising guides. Taki’h offers a space for healing and empowerment rarely encountered. Her work integrates embodied experience and knowledge both modern and ancient. As a result of her personal healing and expansion journey, Taki’h has trained in some of the best healing modalities in the world. This includes classical Tantra and neo-Tantra, Bio-Dynamic Breath De-Armouring and Trauma Release; Primal and Childhood Deconditioning; Sexual Deconditioning; Transactional Analysis Therapy; and Massage. For years she has practiced Guridjieff’s 4th-Way, Yoga, and Vipassana, and follows a Tantric-Shamanic path. From the embodied integration of these approaches and the gifts she came into this life with, she transmits the full range of evolution from personality healing, to soul awakening and grounding, to opening to Spirit and letting yourself be guided by the One Life-Force energy. Taki’h has been leading international groups of all genders in nearly 20 countries over the last decade, in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She has birthed the "Womb Wisdom Journey" and Training for women to connect to their full potential, and the "Intimacy Journey" for Couples to support them on their path as Consorts. Taki'h is dedicated to embodied soul awakening on the planet now, and is currently an investor and supporter of the 7th Ray Mystery School and Soul Community in NZ, Highden, as well as serving as part of Governance for the Shamballa School. She has her ancestral roots in Bolivia and Greece, and 2 Masters Degrees, including one in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is based in Finland with her soulmate, husband and inspiration. Find out more about Taki'h and her work here:
Remember Yourself by Taki'h Antigoni Dhyandeepa