Feedback and reflection from our mentors, peers, clients and those we serve is critical to maintaining the checks and balances that characterise a healthy ecosystem of human development. Below are some testimonials from my peers and clients so you can get a sense of me and my impact on the people I work with.

Jon is a rare being on this earth as he combines a deep intellectual knowledge of the most potent spiritual systems of awakening, a palpable presence of spiritual realization that elevates those around him, as well as a dynamic blend of ego-less power and heart-opened humility. His energetic transmission along with his compassionate way of being and clear pointing out instructions has given me powerful shifts in perspective to deepen and stabilize my own spiritual realization. What is most striking about Jon is that although he has attained quite a high degree of spiritual realization, he has dedicated his life to both further awakening as well as the embodiment of that awakening through every aspect of his life. Anyone looking for freedom from suffering, expression of soul essence, and confidence at the deepest level, would be lucky to be able to spend time with Jon as a mentor and coach.

Michael Brabant - Consultant, Spiritual Teacher and Group Facilitator

Jon is unequivocally committed to serving each and every person he meets. His knowledge of humanity’s great spiritual lineages is encyclopedic. His track record for excellence in leadership and his alignment to integrity have been flawless since I’ve known him. And most importantly, the wisdom he holds with regard to the Ultimate Nature of Reality is grounded in his own direct experience. For anyone interested in taking their own life to the next stage of transformation, I can say with confidence that Jon is a deep friend on the path.

Dustin DiPerna: Founder of Bright Alliance, co-founder of Synergy Forum, author, group facilitator and meditation instructor

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon while he coached me. Incidentally it’s been a time of deep challenge, uncertainty, and creative tension for me in my own life. Jon’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me to navigate this space with clarity, and really engage the opportunities for growth presented by these challenges.

Jon’s unconditional care and presence have allowed me to open into deep-seated pain, fear and shadow in an unprecedented way. Through Jon’s guidance, I’ve been surfacing and working with deeply rooted patterns that have kept me stuck. I’ve been connecting with and owning my true, essential power and inherent sense of self-worth. I’ve been coming into a fuller expression of myself, and gaining a deeper awareness of what I need to fully engage my power, purpose, and potential.

Jon offers a deep perspective that has guided me in examining my thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and environment with keen discernment, and reorienting those aspects of my life to be in service of my highest growth and expression.

He holds a treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and insight and embodies a presence that is deeply grounding. His integrative approach, keen perception, and deep listening have enabled me to engage the deepening and development of my consciousness in new ways.

Jon’s authenticity, deep compassion, and loving kindness are such a profound gift to this world, particularly in his capacity as a coach. He expresses the most genuine care and working with him has been incredibly rewarding and transformative for me. I am deeply grateful for his support, unconditional friendship, perspective, compassion, and example.

Usha Gubbala - Organisational Development Consultant

What has been unique about working with Jon in his capacity as a Coach is that he foremost stands as a Friend. And what has been of unique value to me is being met with honesty, transparency and authenticity in therapeutic work. Jon shares his experience with inspiring honesty. Regardless of the seeming imperfection of his journey. The unconditional friendship that he shares has served as an invitation from Life itself. And invitation for me to befriend myself on all levels. And to befriend the process of Life, itself. I am experiencing a growing willingness to truly look and all that I have long been afraid of looking at, all that is painful and tender… and embrace what I see, as is… Lovingly. And be supported in that.

Jon’s clear and radiant presence is palpable and opens up a field that allows me to come into contact with valuable parts of myself. I feel catalysed into a process of truly belonging… to and in this body. Belonging to and on this planet. The past few months since I started working with Jon have also felt like a waking up to this web of life that I am a part of. Waking up to the fact that there is indeed a web of life and I am indeed a part of it.

The depth of care, spaciousness and unconditional love that I experience him bring to his work has supported me through an incredibly dark, painful and challenging time. Supported me in feeling safe to reveal myself, safer to allow the messiness, brokenness, insecurity, struggles to be fully witnessed and met with kindness, honesty and wisdom. I also experience with Jon a space that feels safe to reveal my gifts, shifts, breakthroughs and allow the light to be seen, honoured, and celebrated. Both aspects are met with understanding and love. This has been an incredible opening for personal healing on my journey to wholeness.

He possess both brilliantly sharp intellect and softness. A deep knowledge of psychotherapy while also relating with vulnerability and a willingness to share his humanity. I respect the dedication and devotion he applies to personal and spiritual growth, while also meeting as an equal, a peer on this journey… giving no illusions of being higher or lower and comfortable to reveal his own process of learning and unlearning. Jon has inspiring capacity to work with such depth and heart while being able to just meet at a very human and relatable level.

At the core of it, what I experience here is beyond coaching, it’s a space to share an experience of communing with That which is very deep and Sacred.

Jon is a foremost a friend, to me and to humanity. He is a friend, a Being of massive Heart and impeccability, who also happens to be highly skilled, brilliantly knowledgeable and deeply insightful.

Katlego Nakedi - Teacher