Leadership Services

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Jon is unequivocally committed to serving each and every person he meets... His track record for excellence in leadership and his alignment to integrity have been flawless since I’ve known him.
— Dustin DiPerna - Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Humanity stands today in the fire of a major ecological crisis that can also be an initiation into what it means to emerge as a globally integrated species living in harmony with each other and the earth. I am passionate about supporting the emergence of the leaders that humanity needs to make this transition.

I work with established and emerging leaders in cutting edge, progressive companies, organisations and projects. This includes those who hold formal positions of leadership and others leading from the edge of their own self-initiated contribution to the world.

If you’re interested to work with me, read about the services I offer below, or send me an email at: jonathan@synergyforum.org

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Leadership Coaching

I offer coaching to leaders ready to up-level their capacity to steward power, collaboration and impact, in service of global prosperity, sustainability and thriving.  


leadership Presentations

I offer a range of presentations on the best practice of leadership to support you or your organisation to up-level its effectiveness.


leadership Workshops

From purpose to power to collaboration and creating a culture of empowerment, there are a range of presentations I offer over 2-day workshops.


Leadership development programs - 3, 6 and 12 months

I offer 3, 6, and 12 month leadership development programs for your leadership team and/or your organisation, integrating cutting edge personal development practices with transformations to your culture and capacity for impact, measuring changes with gold standard leadership assessment psychometrics.


advanced Leadership retreats

I facilitate retreats around the world exploring the advanced levels of what it means to lead and hold power with accountability and commitment to our collective evolution.

For testimonials about people’s experience of working with me, click the link below.