Relating Sessions


relationship Sessions for individuals, couples or larger constellations

Intimate relationship with another human being is often where we go deepest and open ourselves up most. As such, relationship is also often one of the most vulnerable and challenging areas of human life. Because of this, it’s also one with the most opportunity for evolution, healing, liberation and fulfilment.

I have extensive experience supporting individuals, couples and larger relating constellations to navigate their right pathway forward. Areas that I work with couples around include:

  • Connection and individuality

  • Compatibility

  • The dynamics of attraction and eros

  • Secure and insecure attachment

  • Healing relational trauma

  • Monogamous and non-monogamous relationship structures

  • Healthy, alive and fulfilling sexuality

  • Balancing needs

  • Conflict mediation

  • Communication

  • Soul relating

  • Sacred union

  • Family, parenthood and children

If you’re interested to explore sessions with me, or with my partner Jesslyn and I, as an individual, in a couple or a larger relationship structure, write to me at:

My rates for individual sessions is €84 p/hour, and for couples sessions €98 p/hour.

For testimonials about people’s experience of working with me, click the link below.