True Power Requires the Ego to Have Been Humbled

In certain tribes in Africa, when an applicant to become a shaman approaches the elders to be trained, they are first asked to show their scars.

They must be able to demonstrate that they have been touched by both the beauty and the fierceness of life, and that they still stand present, empowered, connected and open.


One truth of our being is that we are indestructible. Our essence is the universal I AM, vibrating and knowing itself in the exhilaration of the One Self through everything. It is a fire that cannot be touched, harmed, or extinguished.

Another truth of our being is that we are deeply, intimately, inevitably vulnerable. In the flesh and folds of our animal bodies and hearts, we all feel, suffer, cry, laugh, and grieve. All of our bodies move through sickness and health as do those of the people we love. All of us will die, some of us before others. We have and/or will lose those we love. On a somatic level, we know all of this is temporary, finite, and conditional, each moment totally unique, utterly precious, and never to be repeated. In authentic vulnerability the amour of our separation is taken off and we feel how connected we are in all the glory and heartbreak of this fragile human journey.


The leaders I am calling forth for humanity today must have moved through both of these initiations to access True Power. Their egos must have been humbled by both the profound divinity of their spirit and the tender vulnerability of their embodied self.

They must be dedicated enough to penetrate into the Truth of who they truly are, and take their stand there, as the One come to serve and roar through its kingdom of all creation.

They must be vulnerable enough to take off the mask of personality, and reveal the infinite tenderness and diamond clarity of the human soul underneath. They must lead from a place that recognises our fragile and sacred interdependence and interconnection with the web of life. And their hearts must have been broken and purified enough to resonate in empathy for the struggles, joys and heartbreaks of all those they seek to serve.


Deeper than both our vulnerability and our indestructible soul, is the electric current of pure Being - the Void where there is no self, no other, and that is the wild, dark source of True Power.

True Power requires the ego to have been humbled. It requires its agendas to have been broken and purified in order for us to be trustable – by our community, those we are to lead, and by Life itself.


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Jon Darrall-Rew