Leadership and Responsibility

The leaders we are calling out for today are those who in some silent inner moment, alone with their souls, have taken responsibility for the earth.

They are those in every different field who have felt the power, love and beauty of this planet and the best in humanity pierce their heart so deeply that they cannot not take a stand.

They are those who when everything sacred is threatened like it is today, are willing to share their heartbreak with the world, and have emerged as empowered beings on the other side of having been broken by it.

They are those who now are accessing a current of pure Life through their souls, hearts and bodies that has their leadership flow from the pure exhilaration of daring to throw themselves into the Fire, live fully, and call others into the same.

They are those who have given themselves to their own inner work enough to have discovered a fire, deep in their souls, to unleash gifts into this world others do not yet see or know are possible.

They are those who have integrated the masculine and feminine within themselves enough to understand and honour the gifts they each bring to life. Such leaders know when the time is to strive, penetrate and break through, and when it is right to slow down, surrender, trust the cycles of life, feel, connect and share.

They are those who have integrated their soul and embodiment enough to be on fire with purpose and love as well as grounded and rooted in the earth. They have broken free from the mind-body split that runs so much pain in our culture and know themselves as soul and animal, spiritual and material, awake and wild.

They are those who see the best in those they work with, and call them to it. They are those who know nothing and everything needs to change.

I’m calling forth these leaders.

Jon Darrall-Rew