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Coming from a community of awakened masters and shared through such individuals as Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich and Bruce Lyon, they present a cosmology that draws on, synthesises and extends the deepest global wisdom teachings, and integrates them with the evolution of consciousness and matter. 

In the global field, the Trans-Himalayan teachings are unique in their presentation of a truly kosmocentric spirituality. They outline an advanced map of spiritual awakening to ultimate reality and evolutionary development into ever-deeper spheres of mastery, service, relationship, and spiritual transmission within the multidimensional kosmos. Profoundly, these teachings don’t simply focus on the path of the individual, or even humanity as a whole, but rather situate our collective unfolding within a much vaster process in which the Earth itself is understood to have a unique and sacred destiny in the kosmos.

This series of podcasts is composed of 6 recorded calls that focus on:

  1. The Cosmology of the Trans-Himalayan Teachings

  2. The Multidimensional nature of the Human Being, Radical Awakening and Evolutionary Awakening

  3. The Seven Rays, Esoteric Astrology and Healing

  4. The Path of Initiation

  5. The Return of the Mystery Schools

  6. The Cosmic Purpose of Earth


"For anyone exploring the earth's evolutionary process, or seeking insights into the initiatory pathways and potential of humanity's choices, I highly recommend this incredible course. Jon has distilled immense wisdom and advanced esoteric understanding in digestable hour-long classes to bring deep soul riches to your door."

“I am out of words to express the depth and clarity I've experienced in your Trans-Himalayan teachings series. I'm on my second round listening to all of them podcast-style, and I'm discovering new pearls every time. Blessings and thank you very much”.


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