I offer guidance and mentorship to people who feel called to awaken, fully live, evolve and heal.


Jon is a foremost a friend, to me and to humanity. He is a being of massive heart and impeccability, who also happens to be highly skilled, brilliantly knowledgeable and deeply insightful.
— Usha Gubbala - Organisational Development Consultant



⏀ Body: health, diet, vitality, relationship with the body, the intelligence of the body, exercise and movement, eros, sexuality, vitality, connection to the earth.

⏀ Emotions:
emotional expression, emotional maturity, learning to feel and express emotion without projecting or creating disconnection, trauma, intimacy, relating and relationship, self-love, self-care, self-worth.

⏀ Mind:
mind-style, study, cognitive development, exploring core beliefs and assumptions we have about ourselves, our relationships, and the world, and releasing those that no longer serve so as to liberate our bodies and minds into fuller expression; considering what the most fulfilling, wise and compassionate world-views would look like.

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⏀ Soul: esoteric teachings, connecting more and more deeply to our higher selves as a source of inspiration and guidance in life. Exploring the deeper dimensions of ourselves as journeying spiritual beings. Activating your soul consciousness, soul purpose, connection to your soul family and unique path of participation in collective evolution. Looking into the unique facets, qualities and energies embodied by your soul, and its journey and desired expression in this incarnation.

⏀ Spirit: awakening as the life-force of the One. Awakening as the divine power, love and creativity of the One. Awakening as the primordial dark light of spirit that is at the core of consciousness and matter – the original father and mother principles.

⏀ Absolute: awakening to the source and ground of all being – the infinite awake presence that transcends, embraces and is arising as the entire kosmos. We can look at what this awakening entails and we can consider its profound effects on the rest of our being, bringing mind, emotion, our energy systems and body into coherence with this unity.


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Inquire About Mentorship


If you are interested in mentorship, I offer a free first introductory session for us to explore whether we are a good fit for working together.

If we do choose to work together, my rate is €84 p/hr. If that rate is beyond someone’s current financial means, they feel a sincere call to work with me and I feel our connection, I work with a sliding scale policy for those on lower incomes and invite them to get in touch so we can together explore an alternative that makes it possible.

I am available to work with individuals or couples, and have experience working with women and men from different cultures, social backgrounds, and ages. I work with people both long- and short-term, and I am able to offer sessions online via Skype or in-person in Berlin.

If you are interested to explore this further, click the button below to fill out the mentorship form and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.