Love and Relating


The psychotherapist, Robert Augustus Masters has said, “Relationship is the Ashram of the 21st Century”. For sure, love and relating are core aspects of what it means to live a fulfilled life, and yet they are also deeply challenging for the majority of human beings.

I have extensive experience working with individuals and couples in both healthy monogamous and non-monogamous relationship structures, as well as the dynamics around safety and freedom, secure and insecure attachment, trauma and how to support them to welcome their needs, desires and vulnerabilities as opportunities for deeper intimacy and/or clarity on their path forward.


Relating mentorship for individuals

I offer mentorship sessions to people seeking to live healthy, securely attached, mutually enriching relationships, in monogamous or non-monogamous relating structures.

relating mentorship for couples (or more)

I, and my partner Jesslyn and I, offer mentorship sessions for couples to support them to navigate conflict, balance their needs, and engage their relationship as a field for evolutionary growth and healing.



Return of the temples - events

My partner Jesslyn and I run sacred sexuality temples in Berlin that provide spaces of safety, trust, connection and intimacy to explore love, soul and eros.