Leadership workshops


Illuminating leadership

I offer a range of 2-day workshops covering the following topics:

  • The Imperative of Leadership Development in our Current Global Crisis

  • Saying Yes to Power in Service of Evolution

  • The Advanced Science of Power in Leadership

  • Collective Leadership: How it Really Works

  • The Imperative of Measuring Strengths and Shadows in Leadership Assessment

  • The Tragedy of Toxic Leadership and How Change Happens

  • Leadership Beyond Hierarchy

  • Models of Advanced Human Development to Support the Emergence of Advanced Leaders

  • True Power: Leading from Connection to Source

  • The Tantric Principles of Advanced Leadership

  • Integrating Masculine and Feminine Forms of Leadership

  • Integral Leadership

  • Purpose-based Leadership and Organisations

Each workshop runs from 10am to 6pm for 2 days.

To book me to offer any of these presentations, write to me at: jonathan@synergyforum.org