advanced leadership retreats


coming together as a community of true power

When we journey into the adventure of leading from True Power together, we access the vital community connections that support us to embody our deepest, and that hold us accountable to living that.

I offer advanced retreats in different global locations that support leaders to rise to the cutting edge of their own development, open their hearts more fully, integrate their soul and body, masculine and feminine, and access the True Power at their core.

One of these events is our annual True Power event in Egypt.

Testimonials about true power

“True Power was the initiation of the fullness of being I didn’t realize I was waiting for. A magnificent process was scaffolded for us to allow our beings to be perforated by the divine. The desert that usually pains me because it’s so vast and I want to be it— having support meant I could let my heart crack open widely enough to let in the expanse of the desert. Being able to allow my heart to continually crack open more and more deeply, I realized that it doesn’t matter what happens. This is the deepest of freedoms. Habits of wanting things to be a certain way, even being a certain person fell away to the faithfulness of allowing the divine to come through me. I had no agenda. I wanted nothing and I opened to everything. We were invited to speak in the group when we felt the charge. I took this as my own invitation to only speak at all when I felt the charge. It’s like mental ejaculation control. Sharing charge or not sharing at all. True Power does not end. It is now. It is in my burning broken open heart. It is the gift that keeps on giving. We are lighting each other up with our flaming hearts.”

“Wow! This experience was strong medicine and the downloads palpable.

My identity quivered as the facilitators unpacked a new paradigm on power and what it means to be "in charge". The quality of their presence and ability to hold point as we cast the individual consciousness into the fire was reassuring.

This journey isn't a thing to be checked off the to do list if "you" want to be "more spiritual", it's more a place that provides an opportunity for part of you to DIE. The part that is in the way of your soul purpose, we all had an opportunity to really let it go.

In the desert Jon helped me see something that near immediately strengthened my inner relationship and gave me a framework to make lasting change with how I show up and move through life - and some reflections from other participants helped me uncover an unconscious pattern that was showing up for me in my relationship.

True power was epic, terrifying for the self but essential for the soul. If you feel called and are willing to show up 100% authentic - do it! If you are a little curious and have one foot out the door of full surrender than this isn't for you.

I am totally grateful I went.”

“Going to the True Power retreat I had no idea of what to expect and have to say I came with the mind and emotions of a doubter but the willingness of my heart. The soul-blowing time-space expansions that took place both in the group and individually were brilliantly and lovingly guided with utmost respect, both in a soft and a hard way. Now, 5 months later, I'm realizing just how much of an developmental acceleration I opened up to and I take great pleasure at the dissolution of previous perceived limitations and I marvel joyously at the richness of stream of wild transformation.”