Leadership development programs

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holistic leadership interventions

I offer 3 and 6-month leadership development programs working closely with your leadership team(s) and organisation to upgrade your effectiveness.

My approach integrates cutting edge personal development practices with transformations to your culture and capacity for impact, and measuring changes with gold standard leadership assessment psychometrics.

These interventions begin and end with the Leadership Circle’s 360 profiling tool to illuminate the competencies and challenges facing the leaders in question. The detailed information from these psychometric assessments then becomes the basis for a precise, attuned and holistic leadership development intervention, covering topics including:



Leadership calls us to our deepest. I work with leaders to develop their presence, consciousness, and connection to true power and purpose, their capacity to navigate complexity, align with their souls, integrate their shadows and show up as empowered, integrated, emotionally mature, authentic and embodied human beings.



Great leaders ignite a culture of empowerment around them. I support leaders and teams to structure their work so purpose is at the centre, to flow with each other in collective leadership in healthy, dynamic and fluid hierarchy, to distribute power throughout their teams, to develop, inspire and motivate collaboration, to navigate conflict, and inspire trust through integrity.

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The quality of our leadership is embodied in the positive impact it lands in the world. I work with leaders to support them and their teams to implement the most streamline, well-connected and task efficient organisational structures to enable their follow through, to fully complete and execute their projects.


For those interested to explore any of my 3 or 6-month leadership programs, get in touch for a free consultation. You can contact me at: jonathan@synergyforum.org