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Return of the Temples - Power, Love, Embodiment

  • O-Yoga Gleditschstr. 37 10781 Berlin Germany (map)

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In the ancient world, sacred temples existed where spirituality and sexuality were not seen as separate. In these temples, communities gathered to celebrate and immerse themselves in the transformative power of eros, consciousness, love and life. 

Today, as more and more human beings are awakening to who they are at a deep level, and connecting to their souls and realising the sacredness of their bodies and sexuality, these temples are starting to re-emerge. Increasingly, people are coming together again to remember the ancient ways, and to celebrate, empower and nourish themselves and each other in the integration of our divinity with the sacred flow of our erotic innocence. 

Having attended and participated in many temples spaces, I have learned that in order to establish a solid foundation within and between our hearts, minds and bodies to participate in them, deep safety, trust and sovereignty are needed. 

This safety, trust and sovereignty is a work. It is a profound process that calls for the true integration of our souls and animal, our vulnerability and indestructibility, our masculine and feminine aspects. 

It is this integration that sets the foundation for true ecstasy – the ecstasy that can heal, awaken and transmit transformative energies out of the temples and through our lives into society. 

This is the first of a series of events exploring the Return of the Temples. 

These events will focus on awakening, soul work, and the process of reconnecting to our animal bodies to repair our relationships with them to ones founded on love, presence and trust. They will focus on us remembering who we are as vulnerable, fragile human beings and our awakening to our true nature as eternally indestructible. They will focus on connecting to and integrating our masculine and feminine aspects, and the activation of our sacred erotic nature. 

In this first event, we will focus on connecting to who we are as souls, establishing this container of trust, integrity, vulnerability, and connection, and from there, on a foundation of safety and authentic intimacy, opening the field to sensuality and eros. 

To set the foundation for this, we will focus on developing a deep sense of safety in and between our bodies, and also on meeting the core wounds around intimacy that most people carry. This type of work is crucial, for as long as these aspects of ourselves go unaddressed, this deeply affects our lives and the way we seek intimacy, or not, with others. As long as our animal layers are still locked in these patterns, we end up playing them out in our relationships. This can all change though, through our return to our bodies, our willingness to listen to their truths, meet their needs and integrate their power. 


- A welcoming circle
- An introduction to the history and possible future of the temples of conscious sacred sexuality
- Meditations to connect us to our souls
- Practices to support you to land in your body, feel safe and connected to others
- Practices to support our breath, hearts and bodies to synch up into a shared rhythm
- Practices to support you to find your own authentic boundaries and right yes and no
- Practices to support the group to connect to our souls and learn to be moved by love
- A space dedicated to safety, going slowly and respect for your boundaries
- The opening of the field to eros


REGISTRATION: Email and please include your postal address so I can invoice you


Please come in comfortable clothes and bring a sarong, towel, and anything else you might want (e.g. massage oil). We'd also like to play music together potentially, so please bring a guitar or drum or other instrument if you'd like to play together. 


JON DARRALL-REW: Jon has dedicated his life to a path of awakening that integrates power, consciousness, love, sexuality, embodiment and collective transformation. He leads Shamballa School, an international spiritual community dedicated to the life-force of spirit, and between 2016-2018 he worked as European Director of the Global Purpose Movement. He is a leadership consultant, has a degree in psychology, and has worked with people around the world supporting their transformation for the last 4 years. 

Jon’s path has been particularly influenced by non-dual spirituality, the esoteric cosmology of the Trans-Himalayan teachings (Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich, Bruce Lyon), Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, evolutionary spirituality, conscious movement, sacred ceremony and plant medicine, shamanism, and tantra.

Jon has been a close student of Bruce Lyon for the last 8 years. Jon has completed the International School of Temple Arts trainings as well as Bruce Lyon’s 6-week immersion is sacred community at Highden, New Zealand. He has learned closely from and been inspired by David Cates’ work on intimacy, trauma and sexuality, as well as Buster Radvik and Rachel Rickards of Embodied Intimacy too.

JESSLYN BECKER: Jesslyn is a lover of life and passionate about the uncovering of the deeper truths and mysteries that lie within our bodies and souls, and within the earth. She has a background in clinical psychology, and systemic counselling, and supports adults and children on their path of healing and evolution through an integration of psychological approaches, nature connection and soul work. 

She meets people with a gentle heart and loving presence that encourages the free and authentic expression of what is alive in them. she loves listening to the subtle in-between spaces of encounters with self, humans and the more than human world. Meeting in rawness, authenticity, and presence nourishes and excites her. 

Jesslyn's greatest dedication s to her soul's journey and to Love. Having been in a committed, long-term open relationship, she has been learning and intricate dance between surrender and self-assertion, freedom and safety.

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