The maps and models for how we understand Reality can make a huge difference in how fast and seamless your development unfolds. Those who wish to be at the cutting edge of evolution need to be running the most the most advanced consciousness software available today.

I have spent decades mastering the most sophisticated maps and models for understanding human development, consciousness, evolution, spirituality, psychology, and awakening I am aware of in the world, and synthesising them into a number of transformational, psychoactive presentations.



I offer mentorship to others called to awaken, evolve, heal, serve and fully live, based on my decades of mastery and practice in human development.

Earth is Eden - book

This book synthesises Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and the Trans-Himalayan teachings to provide an advanced guide for the furthest reaches of human development and beyond.

The book is, in the words of of one of our reviewers: “A tour-de-force of staggering vision, with a powerful electric shock of a transmission”, which contains, “the most comprehensive and inspiring vision of human purpose & evolution I have ever seen or heard.”



Trans-Himalayan podcast series

The Trans-Himalayan teachings represent some of the most sophisticated, integrative, multidimensional and relevant spiritual teachings in the world.

Coming from a community of masters and shared through such individuals as Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich and Bruce Lyon, they present a cosmology that draws on, synthesises and extends the deepest global wisdom teachings, and integrates them with the evolution of consciousness and matter.

This series of 6 podcasts covers the essence of the entire teaching to provide a direct, accessible, alive transmission that is transformational in its scope and depth.