What is Awakening in Eden?

Awakening in Eden is an initiative led by Jon Darrall-Rew, focussing on the wild, profound, utterly sacred and heart-breaking experience of what it means to be truly awake, here on earth, in the body. 

It is an inquiry into what it means to awaken from our core as infinite spirit down to the cells of our hearts, hips, genitals, and the tips of our toes – in all the guts and glory of our collective human journey. 

It is a warm invitation for us to recognise ourselves as a single human tribe, to bond as a family, and explore who we truly are and our place in the cosmos. 

Core areas of focus are awakening to our true nature as the One Absolute Presence, accessing the wild power of our core as spirit, each of our unique soul journeys, humanity’s collective awakening, the return of the Mystery Schools, esoteric cosmology, emotional healing, liberating our animal natures, and a focus on the sacred nature of the body, intimacy, relationship, sexuality, kundalini and the cosmic awakening of the Earth as a whole. 


About Jon Darrall-Rew

Jon is leading this exploration on the basis of over a decade of practice, study and living under the guidance of different Wisdom Traditions and teachers.

This space is particularly influenced by non-dual spirituality, the esoteric cosmology of the Trans-Himalayan teachings (Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich, Bruce Lyon), Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, evolutionary spirituality, conscious movement, sacred ceremony and plant medicine, shamanism, and tantra.

Jon is part of the governance team in Shamballa School, an international spiritual community focussed on awakening to the life-force of spirit. Between 2016-2018 he worked as European Director of the Global Purpose Movement, and in 2014, he co-founded Synergy Forum. He is a leadership consultant and has a degree in psychology. 

Jon leads retreats, online courses and practice groups globally and in his hometown of Berlin.

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My Teachers & mentors

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Bruce Lyon

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Aisha Salem

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David Cates

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