Welcome. My name is Jon Darrall-Rew

I am a transformational leader, mentor, and facilitator living just outside my beloved home city of Berlin, Germany.

Awakening in Eden is the online base for my work. It represents the leading edge of what it means for me to lead in my projects and community from the power of spirit, to offer the gifts I have gathered from my journey in service of others, and to hold spaces for the most transformative, empowering, ecstatic, and healing events I have learned how to.

My life is singularly dedicated to supporting humanity to remember the majesty and dignity of who we truly are, and building a culture of unity based on that recognition that we can pass on to future generations.

My work has four different main areas of focus:

  • Power and Leadership

  • Consciousness

  • Love and Relating

  • Embodiment and Sexuality

I work in these areas because they are what move me, inspire me, and turn my soul on most deeply about what it means to be alive.

I deeply believe we have come to a time in which our relationship to these domains must evolve. Where integrity, soul, purpose and true power must be the basis of leadership, rather than personal ambition, competition, and tribal divisions. Where we open to the gifts of consciousness to remember who we truly are, rather than operating from ego and separation. Where we learn how to truly love each other and live healthy, empowering and healing relationships, rather than perpetuating gender wars, generational trauma and broken bonds of love. And where our relationship to our bodies and sexuality becomes one of honouring, joy, shared power and celebration, rather than secrecy, disconnection, and addiction. 

On this website you can access services that I provide as well as my writings, videos and events. May you find something here that serves you.